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MBC can assist you with any building code or regulatory issue, from building audits and design advice to site inspections and fire safety reports. Our team of Accredited Building Certifiers deliver fast, accurate and comprehensive reports that reduce delays and help you achieve compliance with the Building Code of Australia and applicable legislation.

  • BCA Design Advice

    BCA Design Advice

    MBC offers design advice to clients looking to ensure their development is compliant with Building Code of Australia and respective legislation. Our Accredited Building Certifiers often consult to organisations in the design phase, interpreting complex legislation with knowledge based on decades of industry experience. A deep understanding of compliance and regulatory challenges in the planning and design phase can deliver significant time and cost savings for your development.

  • BCA Assessments

    BCA Assessments

    We provide a comprehensive analysis of your completed design to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia and applicable legislation. This is critical to ensuring the development is on the right path as early as possible. The right advice early in the process will make sure there are no nasty surprises, particularly when time is critical to a development’s success. 

  • BCA Audit (Purchaser & Vendor)

    BCA Audit (Purchaser & Vendor)

    Prior to purchasing a building, it’s recommended that you conduct a BCA Audit to ensure that the property is compliant with the most recent provisions of the Building Code of Australia. This is particularly relevant for older commercial buildings, which may not be compliant with current standards.
    Our team of Accredited Building Certifiers will conduct a site audit of the building and provide a comprehensive report, which details inconsistencies with current standards.

  • BCA Capability Statements

    BCA Capability Statements

    MBC provides BCA Capability Statements for proposed developments, which are often used as part of a Development Application submission. The capability statement assures the Council or relevant Consent Authority that the building is capable of compliance with the provisions outlined in the Building Code of Australia and respective legislation.

  • Fire Safety & Upgrade Reports

    Fire Safety & Upgrade Reports

    Councils have the authority to order the fire safety upgrade of a building so it meets minimum fire safety standards, either through random fire safety audit inspections or when a Development Application is submitted to Council.

    To ensure your building meets all the provisions set out within the Building Code of Australia, we can conduct a Fire Safety Report with recommendations on works required.  

  • Performance Solution Assessments

    Performance Solution Assessments

    MBC can consult on your proposed project and provide advice on performance solutions that will help you achieve compliance with the performance requirements within the Building Code of Australia. A performance approach provides designers with greater flexibility, while upholding community expectations and occupant safety.

The MBC Difference

Our boutique size and flat structure means you’ll enjoy the exceptional service and agility you can’t get in larger organisations, with direct access to your accredited building certifier at every stage of development. You can rely on our building certification consultants to provide expert advice and respond to questions in a timely manner, with recommendations that reduce risk and add value to your development.

No matter how complex a problem may be, we’ll help you find a solution that allows you to maintain compliance with the legislation. Our experience across a range of industries means we can assist you with flexible, cost-effective design solutions that result in quality outcomes for you and your stakeholders. 

We understand the importance of speed and accuracy in your development and maintain quality assurance standards across our business. Our team have an intimate knowledge of the timelines and processes associated with audits, assessments, inspections and reports, with modern systems that allow us to deliver fast turnarounds on applications. We’re upfront about what’s required and when, to help you prepare for each stage of development and ensure your project stays on track.

Getting the right advice can help you avoid expensive mistakes down the track, which can delay construction, affect budgets and impact public perception of your development. Our building certification consultants provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions, with clear and accurate interpretation of the legislation and high-quality advice on your development. Whether you’re looking for in-depth reporting and analysis, or a discussion about the big picture, our team is always there to guide you through the complexities of building certification and compliance.

We value our team and invest in their ongoing education and training, to ensure our clients receive the best advice in the industry. Our expertise spans every facet of building design and construction, including structural, electrical and mechanical engineering, hydraulics, fire safety and environmental sustainability. Our value lies in our vast knowledge and experience, with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality on every project. 

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