Building Certification Services

Our team of building certifiers will work with you to deliver quality, client-focused outcomes for your development. Our positive, refreshing approach complements our quality assurance controls, ensuring the highest standards for every client. You'll have access to a dedicated team for the duration of your project, who will provide a clear and accurate interpretation of the legislation.

  • Construction Certificates

    Construction Certificates

    A Construction Certificate follows on from a Development Consent issued by Council or a consent authority. A Construction Certificate is required before any building works begin and verifies that the proposed development complies with the Building Code of Australia and applicable legislation.

    Our company structure means you’ll work with the same team through every stage of your development, from desktop review of design plans to site inspections and approvals. As Accredited Building Certifiers, we are authorised to assess and issue Part 4a Construction Certificates. 

  • Complying Development Certificates

    Complying Development Certificates

    A Complying Development Certificate is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial developments and is issued before any building work commences.

    Our streamlined, paperless system and expert understanding of NSW building regulations and legislation means your Complying Development Certificate can be assessed in days, not weeks. 

  • Exempt Development Certificates

    Exempt Development Certificates

    Many smaller building developments can be exempt from development approval. In these instances an Exempt Development Certificate may be issued. Our experienced team at MBC can advise whether your development is exempt and certify that your proposed development complies with the Building Code of Australia and respective legislation. 

  • Occupation Certificates

    Occupation Certificates

    As a Principal Certifying Authority, we can produce an Occupation Certificate once the construction that we manage is complete. This certificate authorises the use of the building and confirms its suitability for occupation under the Building Code of Australia.

    MBC will identify the matters that need to be addressed, in order to issue the Occupation Certificate prior to any works commencing. This means you’ll have a clear understanding of what is required and can collate this information during construction, rather than after it’s complete. Our goal is to minimise disruption to you and your team, as you proceed with development. 

  • Crown Approvals

    Crown Approvals

    MBC works with a number of state and federal government bodies to ensure that any development on Crown Land complies with the Building Code of Australia and all relevant legislative requirements. Our streamlined process and experience working on Crown Approvals means every project is designed, certified and constructed in a manner that maintains the integrity of government.

The MBC Difference

We’ve built a team of reputable accredited building certifiers who have experience working in large organisations, but want to enjoy the benefits of a boutique firm: stronger relationships with clients and a more efficient way of working. The building certification process is complex and ever-changing, but with the right support it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re here to simplify the process, with a fresh approach that delivers high-quality outcomes for your development and the community.

We believe exceptional service starts with communication. That’s why we maintain a flat structure and provide you with access to your dedicated accredited building certifier at all times. By having one point of contact throughout the process, you’ll get the right answers at the right time, with no miscommunication or unnecessary delays. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering a streamlined and efficient service.

Our in-depth knowledge of the building certification process means we can offer expert advice on projects of all sizes, including multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, retail, public utility and government developments. We understand the unique requirements of specific industries, such as hygiene standards for healthcare facilities and security protocols for government buildings.

Our streamlined, paperless systems keep us connected with your team and each other, whether we’re onsite, in the office or on the road. They provide real-time updates on the status of your project and swift turnaround times on building certification applications, with quality assurance processes that maintain ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards.

We provide clear, accurate interpretation of legislation and stay informed of all industry changes, providing clients with expert advice on how it will impact their development. Our team are members of various industry bodies, including the Property Council of Australia, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, Association of Accredited Certifiers and the Fire Protection Association. We’re constantly learning and deepening our knowledge, so you get the right building certification advice for your development.

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