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We’re proud to offer the experience and expertise of an industry leader, with the personal attention, agility and affordability of a boutique firm. Our BCA certifiers work in partnership with clients, adding value to their developments through a streamlined methodology that reduces risk and delivers quality outcomes, every time.

Step 1: Feasibility

Working with MBC during the feasibility stage of your development will help you identify where there may be non-compliances in the building design, so you can address them early in the process. Our BCA certifiers will meet with you to review the draft schematic plans and discuss how the site will be used, before starting the BCA Assessment. You’ll work with the same dedicated team of accredited building certifiers and directors throughout the project, with access to modern systems that provide you with real-time updates every step of the way.

Our BCA Design Advice will outline recommendations as to whether performance solutions, deemed-to-satisfy solutions, or a combination of both is best for your development. It will also outline any non-compliances in the draft design, so you can correct them before any further progress is made.

Step 2: Design

Once your design is well underway, we’ll produce a BCA Capability Statement to reassure the local council and other government authorities that MBC is involved in the certification process and that the building achieves BCA compliance, with no major changes proposed to its design or appearance. Our combination of experience and high-quality outcomes will provide your stakeholders with confidence at this critical stage of development.

Our BCA certifiers will continue to work closely with you as the designs are finalised, making recommendations and providing expert advice on each draft. Once the designs are nearing completion, we’ll issue a detailed BCA report with recommendations that are circulated to your team for feedback and changes if required. Our streamlined workflow means it’s easy to see which items have been resolved or need further action, which saves you time and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Step 3: Certification

We simplify the certification process by providing clear and accurate interpretation of the legislation that’s relevant to your development. Our intimate understanding of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act means you’ll avoid any unnecessary delays to your project. Once your fire engineer and access consultant have addressed any performance solutions required by Fire and Rescue NSW, we’ll submit a Fire Safety Report for referral or review.

Your BCA certifier will review your Development Application and provide a summary of what information you need to provide as part of the certification process, including statements and certificates from external consultants. We’ll help you gather all the relevant information required, then issue a Construction Certificate for your project. We pride ourselves on our agility and attention to detail, as well as our stringent ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems that allow us to maintain quality assurance for your development

Step 4: Construction

Our team will stay involved during the construction of your development, overseeing works and performing a number of inspections. In addition to mandatory inspections legislated by government, we perform additional checks that help you understand where issues may arise, so you can address them straight away.

Our commitment to quality means you’ll always know where you stand when it comes to achieving compliance for your development. The smallest solutions can turn into expensive and time-consuming issues if they’re not caught in time. That’s why we stay in regular contact with your team during the construction phase. Our BCA certifiers will be there to answer any questions you may have and provide you with access to real-time updates along the way.

Step 5: Occupation

We understand the importance of managing expectations for stakeholders, which is why we keep you informed about the progress of your certifications at every stage of development. You’ll receive a detailed list of what is required as part of the Occupation Certificate application process, including final inspections. Our BCA report will also highlight any potential issues with the development in advance, so you have time to address them before the assessment process begins.

We’re always available to answer your questions or help you address issues with your development, to ensure it upholds all quality standards and building regulations. Once we’re satisfied that the building is suitable for occupation under the Building Code of Australia, we’ll issue an Occupation Certificate.

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